Meet our Sydney based team

Our people are the heart and soul of Story Machine. Each member brings a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and passion that ensures every video we produce is the highest quality possible. Our team is comprised of the best video production professionals in Sydney. Get to know the creative minds behind our business here.

Ezra Auperle

Founder and Executive Producer
Ezra Auperle is an award-winning producer who has been helping clients create high-quality video content since 2012. Known for his innovative use of technology and meticulous attention to detail, Ezra ensures that every project meets Story Machine’s high standards. Whether working with growing businesses or established companies, his passion for excellence and smooth production process ensure high quality videos are delivered on time and budget. 

Turei Cooze

Director & Video Editor

Turei is an award-winning director and editor with over 15 years of experience in video production. Known for directing and editing high-quality work, Turei understands marketing objectives and transforms them into engaging, high-impact videos. Passionate about pushing creative boundaries, he thrives on working with clients willing to challenge brand safety limits to create standout content in a saturated market. Turei’s attention to detail and storytelling expertise make him the ideal partner for producing videos that deliver results.

Katrina Olsen

Senior Producer

Kat is the driving force behind our projects, managing them from start to finish. With over 14 years of production management experience, she single-handedly oversaw our first 500 video production projects! Kat specialises in producing online commercials and documentary-style videos. As a day-to-day project contact, her meticulous attention to detail ensures your project is delivered on time and on budget. Her expertise and dedication to her craft make her an invaluable partner in bringing your next video to life.

Dani Martin


Dani Martin brings 8 years of dynamic experience in advertising, film, television, and content production to our team. Known for her adaptability and ambitious drive, Dani excels in managing mid-budget commercials, corporate videos, and social media content. Her exceptional communication skills make her a client favourite, always ensuring projects run smoothly and exceed expectations. Dani’s collaborative and solutions-driven approach elevates every video brief, making her an invaluable partner for your next project. Working with Dani means achieving outstanding results with ease.

Thomas Anlezark

Cinematographer and Editor

Tom is one of the best humans you will ever work with, and his talent is unparalleled. Specialising in food, fashion, and travel videos, Tom crafts impactful commercial and documentary content. We were fortunate to discover Tom through our intern program, and we’re lucky to still collaborate with him 10 years later! His dedication is unmatched—always willing to go the extra mile (or 50) for every project. Working with Tom is always a pleasure, and we promise you’ll love the experience as much as we do.

Blake Castle


Blake Castle is one of Australia’s best cinematographers. He has an uncanny ability to find the perfect shot. His footage, often described by our editors as silky, consistently delivers high-quality, cinematic video content across promotional films, documentaries, and commercials regardless of budget. His dedication to his craft makes him an invaluable asset to the team. With Blake behind the camera, you can expect blockbuster cinematic quality for your video. 
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Ben Mathews

Director & Writer

Ben is a critically acclaimed director and writer with over 25 international awards and nominations across advertising, film, television, comedy, and documentary. Specialising in drama and comedy, his work has been showcased at top festivals worldwide, including Cannes. As one of Australia’s leading acting coaches, Ben excels at drawing out incredible character performances. Working with Ben is always fun—the dialogue volume goes up, and the best performances are born. His talent for crafting memorable campaigns and directing unforgettable performances makes him a trusted choice for clients seeking exceptional results.

Arthur Chan


With over 15 years of experience, Arthur Chan is your go-to expert for directing commercials for TV, BVOD, and social media. Arthur excels at understanding business goals and transforming them into compelling video concepts. His clear communication ensures you know exactly what to expect with detailed video treatments. Awarded a Gold Telly in 2023, Arthur always pushes the limits to deliver the highest possible quality for the budget. If you’re looking for someone to create videos that are cinematic and objective focused, Arthur is the director you need.

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