Case study: Software Skincare Direct Response Ad

The brief

Software Skincare tasked Story Machine with creating two direct response ads for YouTube, BVOD, and Meta. The commercials aimed to showcase Software’s simple skincare system while providing credible and authentic testimonies about the efficacy of their Acne and Anti-ageing products. The narrative needed to be straightforward, cheerful, and fun, reflecting the simplicity and effectiveness of Software’s solutions. The goal was to bring warmth, joy, and hope to the subjects of acne and ageing, promoting Software’s medical-grade prescription ingredients and dermatologist-formulated solutions.

How we approached the vide

Our role was to enhance the existing script and storyboards by detailing, casting, and refining the creative approach. We aimed to create approachable and authentic spots with a cheerful and colourful disposition, leaving the audience hopeful and primed for purchase.

The production for both ads took place over a one-day shoot in North Sydney, maximising ROI and meeting budget limitations. We used different areas of the house and cast two different lead actors to create distinct feels for each ad. The production timeline from brief to final delivery was six weeks.

  • Efficient Production: Both ads were shot in one day, maximising production efficiency and delivering high ROI.
  • Quick Turnaround: Completed the project within a six-week timeline, showcasing our capability to meet urgent deadlines without compromising on quality.
  • Engaging Content: Developed authentic and cheerful concepts that effectively communicated Software’s message and drove viewer engagement.

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