Case study: Crush Case Study

The brief

Piksters approached us to develop a video concept to launch their new product range, Crush. As part of the launch, they sponsored Married at First Sight (MAFS), so it was important that the concept aligned with their partnership and drove brand awareness among the show’s viewers. In a category that’s dominated by sameness, Crush asked for a fun, flirty concept that would help them stand out.

How we approached the vide

Given that Crush wanted us to create a video that didn’t conform to the confines of a category dominated by direct response ads, we knew Turei was the perfect director for the job. Capitalising on social media dance trends, Turei proposed a fully choreographed dance concept for the campaign, where Crush is the catalyst to a confident, and radiant smile. As soon as the lead actress brushes her teeth she breaks out into a vibrant dance that draws in passers by. As onlookers try the Crush products they join the dance.

To align with the brand objectives and colour pallet, we shot the commercial in the Northern Beaches of Sydney where we closed off a car park for video production. To give oral health care products context in a beach location we chose to tap into ultra Instagrammable Van life, choosing a retro Kombi as the starting point of our commercial.

The result

3 Million

YouTube Views

12.7 Million Views

Social Media Views

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