ClearAds Clearance

What is ClearAds Clearance?

ClearAds Clearance, previously known as ClearAds Check, is a mandatory process in Australian video production that ensures your television commercial meets all necessary broadcasting standards and regulations. This process is crucial to ensure that your ad complies with the industry guidelines set by Free TV Australia, avoiding potential legal issues and ensuring smooth broadcasting.

When Does ClearAds Clearance Occur?

ClearAds Clearance typically occurs at two key points in the production timeline: pre-check and final clearance.

  • Pre-Check: After the storyboard and animatic are approved, they are submitted along with claim evidence for a preliminary review. This step identifies any potential compliance issues early in the production process.
  • Final Clearance: This occurs after picture lock or once the offline edit (before final grade and sound mix) is approved. The completed ad is then submitted for final review to ensure it meets all regulatory standards before airing.

Why ClearAds Clearance is Important

ClearAds Clearance is essential to ensure that your commercial adheres to all advertising standards and regulations, thereby protecting your brand from potential legal complications. Here are some key benefits:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensures your ad meets all Free TV Australia guidelines.
  • Risk Mitigation: Identifies and rectifies compliance issues before broadcasting, reducing the risk of legal challenges.
  • Stress Free Broadcasting: Ensures that your commercial can be aired without interruptions or delays due to regulatory issues.

The ClearAds Clearance Process

  1. Pre-Check (Optional but Recommended):
    1. Submit your storyboard, animatic, and claim evidence for a preliminary review.
    2. Identify and address any compliance issues early in the production process.
  2. Submission for Clearance:
    1. After picture lock, submit your final commercial to ClearAds for review.
    2. Include all supporting documentation to substantiate any claims made in the ad.
  3. Review and Feedback:
    1. ClearAds reviews your submission and provides feedback.
    2. Make any necessary revisions based on the feedback.
  4. Final Approval:
    1. Once all revisions are made, resubmit for final clearance.
    2. Upon approval, you will receive a clearance number required for broadcasting.

Costs Involved

  • ClearAds Fees: Start from $197 AUD for a simple television commercial without pre-check.
  • Additional Costs: If revisions are required, factor in potential costs for re-editing and resubmission. 

At Story Machine, we understand the intricacies of the ClearAds Clearance process and have extensive experience in helping clients navigate regulations.

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