Location Scouting

Our Location Scouting Services

Finding the right location can be a complex process as sometimes a location can look great, but doesn’t meet the logistical requirements for production, such as adequate space for equipment, cast, and crew. This is why we always recommend that both the director and producer attend the initial location scout. 

Our team conducts location scouts during the pre-production phase, after the script and shot list are finalised. This allows us to align the chosen locations with the creative and logistical requirements of the project. 

The costs for video production location hire in Sydney can vary significantly depending on the project requirements, so we’ve outlined a few of the common requests below: 

Typical Location Hire Costs :

  • Residential Location Hire: $3k – $5k (depending on the size of the house)
  • Council Permits for Public Spaces: $500 – $5k (depending on impact and size of production)
  • Sports and Entertainment Facilities: $10k – $20k (general ranges we’ve found for stadiums and theatres)
  • Studio Location Fees: $1k – $5k per day (depending on the size, location, and soundproofing)

Road or Park Closures and Associated Costs: $5k – $20k (depending on crew size, safety requirements, and impact)

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