Script Writing

Script writing for video production
A great script is often the determining factor in whether a video will succeed or fail at achieving its objectives. It outlines the dialogue, actions, voice over, and scene descriptions, serving as a roadmap for the entire video narrative. A well-written script is essential for conveying your message clearly and effectively.

Script writing occurs during the pre-production phase. In some cases, indicative scripts are included in the video treatment as part of the pitch, but full script development and revisions occur once the project has been greenlit.

Types of Scripts for Different Videos:

  • Commercial Video Scripts: These scripts are usually written to a specific length of time based on the media buy and are designed to promote a product or service. The focus is on capturing the audience’s attention quickly and delivering a clear, compelling message. They often include a strong call to action and are structured to highlight the key benefits of the product or service.
  • Corporate Video Scripts: Corporate scripts are informative and professional, aimed at conveying the company’s message, values, or information clearly. Voice over scripts need to be well-organised and concise, ensuring that complex information is presented in an accessible and engaging way. In the case of unscripted interviews, we recommend writing desired responses based on research, and shaping the interview questions to achieve the desired response. 
  • Documentary Scripts: Documentary scripts are detailed and guide the narrative, interviews, and story flow. They require thorough research and planning, as they need to accurately represent real events or topics. These scripts often include voiceovers, interview questions, and scene descriptions that help to tell a cohesive and compelling story.

Social Media Video Scripts: These scripts are brief and engaging, designed to capture attention quickly and deliver a concise message suitable for social media platforms. The language is often more casual and direct, focusing on creating a strong emotional response or call to action. They need to be adaptable to different formats and lengths to fit various social media platforms.

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