Prop Hires and Purchases

Prop hires, purchases, and fabrication 

Prop sourcing and hiring involve finding and acquiring all the necessary props required for your video production. This process includes identifying, procuring, and sometimes even creating the items that will be used in the scenes to enhance the storytelling and visual appeal of the video. At Story Machine, we specialise in video production in Sydney, ensuring that every detail, including props, is meticulously planned and executed to bring your vision to life.

Our Art Department manages prop sourcing and hiring during the pre-production phase, once the location and cast have been confirmed and approved. Genelly, our Art lead or their assistant will spend 1-5 days (depending on the requirements) sourcing the perfect props and wardrobe items for director and client approval. Once approved they will buy, fabricate, or higher the items required prior to production to ensure everything is ready for video  production. 

Prop hire and purchase costs for video 

Budgets for prop hires, purchases, and fabrication vary on the needs of the project, but usually include time to:

  • Research and source options
  • Buy, fabricate or hire approved options
  • Manage props and accessories during production
  • Return or dispose of items after production 

Props make a huge difference for video production:

  • Authenticity: Well-chosen props add realism and depth to the video, making the scenes more believable.
  • Visual Appeal: Props enhance the visual storytelling, making the video more engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and align with brand guidelines.
  • Efficiency: Professional sourcing ensures that all necessary props are acquired on time and within budget, avoiding last-minute issues.

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