Video Camera Selection

Why Camera Selection is Important for Video Production

Choosing the right camera is pivotal for capturing the highest quality footage needed to create great looking videos. We understand that camera choice directly impacts cost, but we’re also realistic when it comes to ROI expectations. You can trust us to select the right camera to ensure your video looks professional, engaging, and aligns with your brand’s standards. 

Production Cameras: Best Value for Cost

For most commercial video projects, production cameras like the Sony FX6 or FX5 offer the best balance of cost and quality. These cameras provide high-resolution imagery, excellent dynamic range, and professional features that elevate the video quality without exorbitant costs. They are versatile enough to handle various shooting conditions, making them ideal for diverse projects.

Cinema Production Cameras: Arri and Red

Cinema cameras like Arri and Red are top-tier options, offering more data than needed for most commercial formats. While they deliver stunning quality, they also increase post-production costs due to their high data rates and complex workflows. These cameras are perfect for high-budget projects where the highest possible quality is paramount, but may not be necessary for all commercial productions.

Balancing Cost and Quality 

At Story Machine, we love using the best cinematic production cameras. However, the latest technology in Sony’s FX series delivers outstanding quality and value. This means our clients get the best balance between cost and quality, ensuring top-notch results without overspending. These cameras provide cinematic quality without the high costs associated with top-tier cinema cameras, making them perfect for a wide range of commercial projects.

Why Camera Selection is Important:

  • Quality Control: Ensures the final video meets professional standards.
  • Cost Efficiency: Balances budget constraints with desired quality.
  • Flexibility: Provides the necessary features for different shooting conditions.
  • Reliability: Professional production cameras are the most reliable camera systems when it comes to media storage and data transfer. 
  • Post-Production Efficiency: Reduces time and costs associated with handling large data files.

Why We Don’t Use Mobile Phones

While modern mobile phones boast impressive cameras, they lack the versatility and quality required for professional video production. Phones are perfect for quick, on-the-go content but fall short in controlled production environments. They cannot match the dynamic range, lens options, or manual controls of professional cameras, which are essential for high-quality production. We recommend mobile phone footage is left for User Generated Content (UGC).

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