Voice Over Recording

The Importance of Voice Over Recording in Video Production

Voice over recording is the process of recording spoken words to be added to a video production. It involves capturing the voice of a narrator or character to enhance the storytelling, provide information, or convey emotions. This element is crucial in many types of videos, including commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, and animations.

Process Stage Explanation

First, we record a scratch track, which is just a placeholder voice over until we have locked the visuals in the edit. This is because there are often script or visual changes that can impact the timings of the video so recording takes place towards the end of post-production. We then engage a professional voice artist and book a studio session to record the final voice over. The recorded audio is then synchronised with the video to ensure a seamless integration. Clients can attend or dial into recording sessions to ensure the voice matches the desired tone and style.

Why Voice Over Recording is So Important:

  • Clarity and Communication: Ensures the message is clearly conveyed to the audience, making complex information easy to understand.
  • Emotional Connection: Adds a personal touch, helping to connect with the audience on an emotional level.
  • Professionalism: High-quality voice overs enhance the overall production value, making the video appear more polished and professional.
  • Brand Consistency: Helps maintain a consistent brand voice across different videos and campaigns.
  • Versatility: Can be used in various types of videos, including commercials, explainer videos, and corporate presentations.

Voice Over Costs and Usage 

Voice over costs range significantly depending on the usage, number of videos, and whether the talent is represented or not. Given voice overs are a critical component of driving the narrative or providing key information, we recommend budgeting for professional talent. Costs generally range between $1,000 – $3,000 Australian dollars for 12-month commercial usage rights per video. That’s right, represented voice talent charge per cut at 100% of the original fee regardless of whether or not they’re the same. In some cases, it’s more cost effective to negotiate a rights buy-out with the agent depending on how many videos you need. 

Common Examples of Voice Over Recording

  • Narrative Voice Overs: Used in documentaries and corporate videos to provide background information and context.
  • Character Voice Overs: Used in animations and commercials to bring characters to life.
  • Explainer Videos: Clear and concise narration to explain complex products or services.

Promotional Videos: Engaging voice overs to capture attention and drive action.

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